Drawing in Colour

3 Mar

One of the advice I got to learn how to work with colour was to “draw” with colour. I.e. instead of drawing contours (if only in pencils) and then filling them with colour – go with colour blobs right away, without even a draft on the page.

Were I to draw something real (still life, portrait, landscape) – that would’ve been somewhat easy.  But I am interested in illustration, in drawing imaginary people, animals, scenes. So I have to imagine the colours – that’s the culprit. Which I decided to overcome!

I took out my colour pencils (was too lazy to get involved with watercolours and brushes and water and palette) and started painting by filling in colour. No contours anywhere. Just crosshatching here and there, building up colour. Gradually.

When I started, I didn’t even know this was going to be a face. This is not someone I know (lucky me! she looks scary! or scared :)) But all in all… as a colour study exercise – not too bad, I think. This exercise confirmed my suspicion which I shared in my previous post: less is more. The less colours I use, the better. I can combine 2-3 colours to mix them into a broad variety of tertiary colours, but they will all work well with each other!

More experiments to come!



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