16 Mar

It’s been awhile since I last posted here, but not for the lack of creating. In fact, I was too busy being creative to post (well… that and going back to work – my matleave is over!)

there is one blog that I’ve been following for some time (it’s in Russian, so I won’t be sharing the link… unless you want me to) – the girl is an illustrator, graphic designer, art director – and she also does lots of painting, collaging, etc. I’ve always enjoyed reading about her artbooks, full of cool collages, but I never felt like doing it myself. Or maybe I just never knew how to start. Or maybe I didn’t have the reason or motivation to start.

There is one artbook that I made while trying to get pregnant and then while being pregnant (I’ll share it here later), but it’s more of a scetchbook, than artbook. There are very few spreads that used collage techniques.

And now, as part of my 2013 resolution to re-discover my creativity, I am diving into collages! I already made four. I didn’t share earlier cause I wasn’t sure I will really get into this somewhat weird form of creativity – but now that I’ve made four… I guess I am starting to like it!

I’ll start with the freshest one from today:

The process behind is as follows.

Looking for inspiration, I came across this collage by (she has soooo many cool collages)

Which reminded me that I doodled a weird “biker” a few weeks ago:

And then it all just… happened. The balloons are collaged – they were all cut from various magazines. I used my own sketch as a reference for the street-scape.  I quite like it.

And here are the first three collages that I made:

“Going back to Work”

This one is quite random, I don’t have a name for it.

I am not sure I’m done with this one. It doesn’t feel quite finished. Anyway – “Spring is coming”


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