New Illustration Course

29 May

I enrolled into a new illustration course – this time I chose a college with a BIG name in art and design. Well, at least in Canada it’s big.

And the difference is HUGE. It’s so much more professional and to the point – and other students are, for the most part, people with education or work experience in the industry.

At the previous courses many haven’t had any classes ever. It ate so much time on fundamentals…

Anyway, this time around we started off with a fun exercise of being given an emotion – and expressing it with linework (about 1 minute per emotion).

After this warmup we watched an inspirational slideshow that showed principles of composition.

The we did a fun exercise where we would be given the task to draw something in 4 minutes, then the same thing in 1 minute, then the same thing in 15 minutes. We drew a car, a tree, self-portrait, cityscape, and a dog like that. So much fun – and makes you really focus on what’s important and not.

Here’s my self-portrait – in4 minutes, 1 minute…


…and 15 seconds:


The last part of the class was choosing a headline (from the list she provided) and come up with ideas to illustrate the headline. The choose two that you like the most and present to the person you were paired with (your “art director”) and get their feedback and approval.

And then present to the rest of the class your idea.

I chose “how Obama can use pressure to bring peace” and after a while came up with the idea of him spinning a laundry wringer, which feeds and Israeli and a Palestinian flags into it – and get an interwoven fabric on the output.


Although now I am thinking that maybe I should’ve used my other idea where Obama was trying to force-fit a misfitting puzzle piece… My homework is to finish the illustration for Saturday – so now I am debating whether I should finish the idea I presented or go with the puzzle idea.


One Response to “New Illustration Course”

  1. Zoe Rose @ papillonroses May 30, 2013 at 7:18 am #

    I love the 15 second one! The movement looks so free and really encapsulates the key elements. I still wish I could draw people with any skill!

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