Inspiration Wednesday: Gustav Klimt

5 Feb

In response to my frog illustration from a few days ago, someone said it reminded them of Gustav Klimt style. I recalled hearing a lot about him back in my teen years when I used to draw a lot in a balck-and-white style with tons of patterns. Back then I looked at his paintings and wasn’t too interested: using colour was not on my radar at the time.

This time around, when this person brought up Klimt’s name, I immediately went to the library website and ordered a few books about him. They arrived today and I feel mesmerized! Such vivid colours, contrast, shapes, forms… I kept wondering how could one create such patterns with a brush?! – until I saw a photo of his studio. The paintings were HUGE, so making patterns wasn’t that big of a problem, I guess 🙂

And no wonder this one below, “The Kiss”, is considered one of his best-known paintings. It’s amazing!

What’s also interesting is that he got a lot of inspiration from Japanese art. So I guess I should look into Japanese art, to sort of go to the source of what inspires me. if Klimt inspires me now – so would Japanese art, I guess.

I am so excited with my newly found interest in art! And it all started with the start of Carla Sonheim’s class I enrolled into 2 weeks ago 🙂


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